Math Magic

As fans of Critical Role already know, Orion Acaba, who played the Dragonborn Sorcerer Tiberius, left the show some time back to pursue other creative endeavors. Doing those and Critical Role just didn’t leave him enough time, and he made a choice, which we all respect, even if we do miss him.

And miss him we do. Mr. Acaba himself is a wonderfully kind and humble person, well respected not just for his body of voice work, but his tireless work as a champion of cancer research funding. Tiberius, on the other hand, was a deliberate clown, mixing snark, ego, and bravado in way that I’ve never seen be so damn lovable. Plus, he’s effectively named after Captain Kirk, so you should kinda get a sense for what kind of a guy he was.

Very few instances capture that so well as the time he used math to convince Scanlan to give him something he wanted.


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