Wednesday Shorts: Paradox

This weeks short film is the time travel story, Paradox, which takes place in the bottom of a well, of all places. This is not normally where time travel shenanigans occur, I’ll grant you, but Paradox makes it work, and delivers a very tense 18 minutes, with a resolution that is straight up mind blowing.

Now, when I say there’s time travel involved, it isn’t what you might be thinking. Nobody drove a Delorean down a well, and no blue police boxes show up. A well is kind of like a tunnel, so there’s that, but otherwise, the time travel aspect isn’t used the way we normally see.

Instead, you have one character who insists he fell down the well, which is located in his garden, and another who claims to have been placed there by the guards at the castle that surrounds the well. Both cannot be true, so which time period will it be should they escape is the central question that is raised.

The answer is wonderfully unexpected. Check it out below.


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