Bloopity Bloopity Blooper

You guys know I love me some anime. You guys also know I love me some funny. Now and then, those two things go together in some surprising ways, like when dub studios such as Funimation releases a blooper reel.

Some bloopers are actually just really funny mistakes that happen in recording. Others are because voice actors are really a pretty funny bunch of people. They are always hysterical, though, and pretty much no blooper reel has ever been quite as hysterical as the one from FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


Of course, there’s also the Ouran High School Host Club blooper reel, which gets a bit meta at the end, but is funny as hell all the way through. Well, that and hearing the guy who voices Sebastien on Black Butler say dabba dabba doo is just gold.


But to be honest, I’m not sure anything beats the bloopers from Berserk. I mean, who knew Griffith had Broadway dreams? On the other hand, that would actually explain a lot…


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