Striking The Right Note: One Punch Man

Don’t act surprised to see this here. I recapped the series as it aired, and I made my love of the opening well known then. Of course it’s gonna show up here, now that I’m actively talking about opening credit sequences.

It’s like you guys don’t know me at all.

For those poor unfortunate souls who somehow didn’t see the epic epicness that was One Punch Man, it’s an anime series that follows the adventures of Saitama, a bald superhero in a world overflowing with superheroes, that is just trying to get a little well deserved recognition.

The problem is that no matter how powerful the enemy he faces, he finishes them off with a single punch, hence the title, One Punch Man. This ability has given Saitama something of an extensional crisis, as he wonders if becoming the strongest hero in the world was really worth it. There’s no thrill, no excitement, and no satisfaction in besting an opponent who disintegrates when he flicks his finger at them.

With the arrival of the cyborg Genos, who wishes to be his disciple, Saitama’s world is thrown into chaos as he he learns heroes have to be registered, and work their way up the ranks if they want recognition. In a world where every hero is out for their own best interest, can an every day guy with overwhelming strength ever really be seen as a hero?

Right off the bat, the opening credits let you know exactly what you are in for, as the heavy metal theme plays over various images of Saitama one punching everything from a Titan of Attack on Titan, to the Joker from DC Comics. The tongue in cheek nature of the imagery, coupled with the fast and powerful theme, gives away the nature of the series as a parody of the superhero genre, a comedy, but also an honest exploration of what makes a person an actual hero.

It isn’t fame, by the way, as Saitama saves the world several times without ever getting credit for his actions. Instead, One Punch Man wants people to know, it’s the character of a person that makes them a hero, and in that, not only does the show succeed, but with the final image of the opening, so do the credits.

Was there ever a more every day image that that of a superhero walking home from the grocery store?


2 thoughts on “Striking The Right Note: One Punch Man

  1. I will take this opportunity to remind you, the other series by the creator ONE has been made an Anime and has aired the past 6 weeks.


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