Closing Time: Devil May Cry

Let’s face it, ending themes rarely get any attention. This is mostly because they aren’t always as good as the opening themes. Now and then, though, they are not only as good, but better.

In a few rare cases, they are better than the anime they are attached to.

Such is the case with Devil May Cry’s closing credit sequence. Despite my girlfriend’s total love of this anime, I think we can all admit that it isn’t terribly good. On the up side, for a very long video game commercial, it isn’t terribly bad, either.

Devil May Cry sort of sits there, just being.

The opening sequence isn’t overly memorable, but damn, the closing credits sequence is bad ass as hell. It actually adds some depth and character to the cast that the anime itself didn’t really manage, or for that matter, even try to manage.

I get it, guys. It’s a video game commercial. Still, you could have at least tried to give the characters some nuance and shading.

Ah well. Missed opportunity.

That aside, with the closing credits, both in choice of Rin Oikawa’s “I’ll Be Your Home”, animation design, lighting, and mood, the creative staff behind Devil May Cry give a lot of substance to a group of mostly flat characters. Not only that, but they created a damn solid piece of art in the process. Speaking to loss, loneliness, and isolation, the complete package of the end sequence actually gives a ray of hope into the terrible lives of these terrible characters.

Plus, it’s really pretty. So, there’s that, too.


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