Wednesday Shorts: Spellbound

Every now and then, you see something that just feels timely. It doesn’t have to say much, or even do much, to cut to the heart of an issue extremely well. Such is this case this week, with Spellbound.

Created by Ying Wu and Lizzia Xu, and presented by the Ringling School of Art and Design, Spellbound tells the story of two sisters. Sunny is the ever popular, pretty and successful one, while Rene feels she lives in her sister’s shadow. Her resentment manifests largely as writing in her diary, detailing how much she hates her sister.

But when the writing begins to manifest, Rene suddenly finds her sister’s life in danger, and must find a way to save her.

The thing the film really succeeds at is showing the incredible power of words, and how hate can start off small and seemingly harmless, only to grow into something terrible and frightening. It also explores the best way to defeat hate, in one of the better visual moments of the film.

All around, the short feels, as I said, timely, for reasons I’m going to say I’ve “Trumped” up.


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