Reader Review: A Dragon At The Gate

This is something I’ve been waiting a while to talk about, and now, I finally can.

First off, I want to admit that author Michael G. Munz is a friend of mine. We’ve been internet buds for a while now, sharing funny memes and jokes, as well as advice and generally helping each other out for a few years. I was lucky enough to get to read his now award winning novel, “Zeus Is Dead“, before it came out, and even lucky to get to read his new novel, A Dragon At The Gate, right after he finished writing it.



Michael Flynn has lost time. An operative in the worldwide conspiracy known as the Agents of Aeneas, the last thing he remembers is the struggle to retake Paragon—the derelict alien spacecraft found crashed on the Moon. Yet that was three months ago. Now, as he wakes in a hospital back in the high-tech, urban strife of Northgate, his struggle begins anew.

The Agents of Aeneas have vanished.

His friends are either missing, in danger, or altered. Hired killers shadow his every move. And Jade, the mysterious, cyber-enhanced woman watching over him, will give no answers. Thrust into a blind search for the truth, Michael needs allies. Yet whom can he trust when once loyal friends may have turned against him?

Meanwhile, an intelligence thought trapped within Paragon has escaped to Northgate. Driven to fulfill the goals of the mysterious “Planners,” it, too, seeks allies. When it finds them, it will transform the face of Northgate, the world, and the entire human race.

The year 2051 draws to a close, and nothing will be the same.


As you can see, A Dragon At The Gate is the third book in a trilogy, preceded by “A Shadow In The Flames” and “A Memory In The Black“. Don’t let that stop you though, as Michael has carefully managed to construct the plot to be both a follow up, and a stand alone novel, which means you can pick it up and read it without knowing what happened in the previous two novels.

There’s a reason I consider him my better in every way, ya know. That’s just talented writing, to pull that off.

A Dragon At The Gate is a fast paced, harrowing cyberpunk novel inspired by Greek Mythology, a favorite arena for Michael which he has shown great skill in manipulating. He does so again here, mixing the cybernetic future with mythology to create a non stop thrill ride through Earth of the future as a rogue alien artificial intelligence seeks to take over the world, aided by nefarious business leaders and a greedy global conglomerate, both unwitting to the ends the A.I. will go to achieve its goals.

Virtually alone in the fight to stop the A.I. is Michael Flynn, a man caught up in events way over his head. With only a mysterious “bodyguard” and an A.I. of his own, Michael must navigate anew both his alliances, and his own friends, who have changed in the three months he lay in a coma.

Matters get even more complicated as something begins to awaken in the crashed alien ship on the moon, forcing Flynn to make ever harder choices as he finds himself caught in a battle for the fate of both the Earth, and the future of humanity.

Michael’s narrative style is fast paced, often sliding into a conversational tone, making the book a fun read. He never tells you what happens, he relates it, which is a hallmark of the great writers.

His characters are vivid, relatable, and even his dark cyberpunk future has a sense of fun to it. No matter how grim and dark the story may be, you can count on his the exceptional characters to wisecrack their way out of it, and failing that, shoot the whole damn place up before diving out a window and running for their lives.

The plot takes a number of surprising twists and turns, leading to a finale that is both intense, and imaginative, while never feeling out of place, or from left field. Just a great read, all the way through. I highly recommend it, and not just because Michael has promised me two donkeys.

Why do I need two donkeys? I have my reasons.

A Dragon At The Gate is available as of today, so do yourself a favor, and go pick it up. Then pick up all Michael’s other books, cause he’s a damn great writer, and everything he touches is brilliant, golden, funny, and well done.

Except his hair…

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