Striking The Right Note: Attack On Titan

Like any list of great opening themes is complete without this monster.

When Attack On Titan hit the airwaves in April of 2013, this was the song that kicked off the fan frenzy, and it isn’t hard to see why. Combining visceral imagery with a pulse pounding piece of music, the opening credit sequence manages to convey everything you need to know.

Humanity is facing extinction, but to borrow a quote, we will not go quietly into that night. We will stand and fight.

While the fate of humanity remains to be seen in Attack on Titan, the first opening sequence made it clear what this show was, and what it was going to be about. The darkest hour, the end of humanity, and the fight to stave it off. Every second of the opening gears you up, fills you with dread, and makes you hope. It’s an incredibly well made opening, and honestly, it gives me chills, especially right around the 1:13 mark.

That is an image that just screams humanity rising up, ya know?


2 thoughts on “Striking The Right Note: Attack On Titan

    1. Studio Wit really nailed that aspect of the show, without a doubt. They did it again with Kabaneri. Even though the overall show was weaker than Titan, the music was always excellent. When it comes to use of music, Wit knows what they are doing.

      Also, Levi is awesome. That’s just science.

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