You guys know I love Dungeons & Dragons. I mean, if you didn’t, then you’ve been skipping my Thursday post a lot.

Anyway, very recently, the creator of Community and co creator of Rick & Morty, Dan Harmon, shared his love of Dungeons & Dragons as well. Well, technically, he shared it a long ass time ago, but recently he created a new web series called Harmonquest.

The series follows he and some friends as they play a pretty hilarious game of D&D, cutting from live action around the table, to animated sequences that tell the story of the adventure. It’s all a tremendous amount of fun, and yet another great example of what makes D&D the best game to ever exist.

There’s no wrong way to play it.

Check out the first episode below, then hop over to SeeSo, or Amazon to watch the rest.


Total side note, but a fun one. Dan Harmon was born the day after me. I guess nerdy self depreciating humor must be a thing that was in the air back in ’73.


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