Katy Perry, War Witch, and Synchronicity

First off, no I’m not saying that Katy Perry was inspired by War Witch. I really doubt she’s read it, or ever will. Not that I wouldn’t be happy if she did, of course, just that I kinda doubt that anything I ever write will tickle the radar of someone of her fame level.

What I do want to say is that life fascinates me. The same week War Witch: Rise is back on sale after changing publishers saw Katy Perry releasing her Olympics video “Rise”, in which she perfectly nailed the characters, themes, and overarching plot of War Witch.

Synchronicity, folks. It’s a damn funny thing. Yet another reason I find the various mysteries of life, the universe, and everything just so damn amazing. For those of you who have read War Witch, you’ll get what I’m saying. This could just as easily have been the theme song for it, nailing everything with such utter precision, it’s kind of wild.

Of course, I’ve yammered on a whole lot about War Witch in the past, so let’s allow Ms. Perry to have the spotlight from here on.


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