Striking The Right Note: Fruits Basket

I can honestly not think of any tv series, ever, that managed to infuse the characteristics of the lead character into not just a song, but the opening credits song of the show. Yet, that is exactly what Fruits Basket managed with this simple, lovely, gentle piece of music.

Everything about it ties into the nature of Tohru so perfectly that it is all but impossible for me to not get misty eyed when I hear it. The sweetness, the kindness, the gentle and loving nature of it instantly invokes every instance that Tohru met hostility and fear with sympathy, compassion, and love.

This may actually be the most perfect opening song ever. It’s so good, it even works in English, with exactly the same effect. That’s really something amazing.


Oh, dammit. I’ve got something in my eye…


8 thoughts on “Striking The Right Note: Fruits Basket

  1. While it may not be the best ever, I really like this opening (not so much because I like the song but because it just perfectly matches the character and the feel of the show). Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I would have to give it more thought on if it is my favorite EVER (this is a really good question) but I do adore this opening for Fruits Basket. I can’t imagine any other song fitting as well and anytime I hear it I immediately think of the show.

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    1. Admittedly, personal favorites are always going to be different from one person to another, and this is one of my all time personal favorite opening sequences, so I’m pretty partial. Still, that aside, the way it so perfectly sets the tone for the series as a whole, and the central character is just masterfully done. I admire it a great deal for that.

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    2. No doubt, Cowboy Bebop has one of the best opening themes of all time. It’s on my list to share next week, actually. That perfect mix of stunning visuals and that bad ass jazz just sells the whole series perfectly.

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