They’re Back!

Okay, so first off, some of you may recall that last year, I had my first novel published. Very exciting stuff if you happen to be me. The epic fantasy novel, Rise: Book One Of The War Witch Saga, was the culmination of almost twenty years of my life and career as a writer. Having it accepted for publication was everything I ever hoped for, and then some.

At least until the publisher announced a few months later that they were going out of business. This pretty well sums up the kind of luck I tend to have. Then, of course, just a few days after that announcement, my girlfriend, Storm, had to be rushed to the hospital, and well, yeah.

Somewhere in all of this, however, I had the great fortune to meet Gwen Gades, owner of Dragon Moon Press, who agreed to give War Witch a second chance at life. There will never be words in any language that express my gratitude, or the massive lifting of spirits it gave me that the first acceptance wasn’t just a fluke of luck.

So, as I dealt with Storm’s steadily improving condition, I worked with Gwen to get War Witch back on the market, where you can now find it once again at the handy links over there on the right side of the screen. No, back up a little. The ones that say Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Yeah, right there.

Dragon Moon Press is a small publisher, but in the very near future, you’ll be able to find War Witch right on their website. Why not right away, you ask? Well, probably because Dragon Moon Press has a staff of, like, two to three people, that’s why. Cut ’em some slack. They are juggling a lot of work over there.

Best of all, DMP has been around for a good twenty years, proving themselves to be a stable, reliable publisher, not likely to suddenly disappear like another one I won’t mention right now. They’ve published a lot of authors, and have an extensive list of books to their name. So, why don’t you head over there and check them out? Might just find a new favorite writer.


For those who are new visitors here, I talked a lot about War Witch back when it first came out. You can catch up on that here, here, here, and just a whole lot of stuff starting here.

For the rest of you that remember my giddy elation, yup, they’re back! Giddy elation resumed!


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