Striking The Right Note: Full Metal Alchemist

Let’s face it, no list of opening credits would ever be complete without having FMA make an appearance. Also, yes, I’m aware this is from Brotherhood, but that title up there was long enough. Let’s not revisit the amount of space some of Grimgar’s episode titles took up, okay?

“Again”, by the artist Yui, served as the first opening sequence for the rebooted Full Metal Alchemist series, Brotherhood, and set the tone for the entire rest of the series. Not only does it serve to highlight just where the story will go, and hint at how it will all end, it creates a mood that none of the other opening songs for the series really managed to touch.

For those poor unfortunate souls out there reading this that have never seen Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, watch this, then go watch the damn series. You’ll never see anything quite like again.

Side note: I’ve actually gotten more people interested in watching anime by showing them this opening credits sequence than I have by recommending series. That’s just how perfect it is.


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