When Persuasion Fails…

First, a little back story for those who may not have kept up with Critical Role. Our intrepid Gnome Bard, Scanlan, who features heavily in many of the clips I’ve shared, is something of a cad. Really, to call him a womanizer is just plain fair. Being the DM that he is, though, Matt Mercer has found ways to make Scanlan rethink his attitude.

The most impressive is when Scanlan ran into his illegitimate daughter, who tried to kill him, but only after he tried to seduce her, which isn’t as creepy as it sounds. He didn’t know she was his daughter until she pulled the dagger and tried to kill him. Of course, if he’d learned a little respect for women, none of that likely would have happened.

Somehow, he managed to talk his way out of getting killed, and has been doing his best to reconnect with his new found child since then. Most interestingly, the manner in which Sam plays Scanlan has changed, as he’s become more introspective and thoughtful in how he approaches women.

Still new to being a dad, though, he struggles and sometimes doesn’t quite get it right. Such as when he tried to bail his daughter out of jail, and everything went horribly, horribly wrong.


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