Striking The Right Note: Shikabane Hime

Not only is Shikabane Hime one of my favorite animes of all time, it’s got one of the most badass opening credit sequences ever. For real, it just screams epic shit is about to go down.

If you’ve never seen it, just know, epic shit most certainly does go down.

Probably one of my favorite thigns about the opening of Shikabane Hime, however, is that it captures series protagonist Makina in her full glory. Both an epic fighter of the undead, and a fragile soul who is lost in the nightmare world of the monstrous Shikabane. She remains one of the most fully fleshed out, and real female characters in anime, because she is more than a description. She’s a person, with strengths and flaws, hopes, fears, desires, and dreams of her own.

The opening sequence of Shikabane Hime is so powerful, it’s actually inspired a scene in one of my own novels. That’s something, when you think about it. A opening credits sequence that can inspire others.


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