Wednesday Shorts: Francis

One of the great failings of horror these days is the desire to always show whatever creepy thing is behind it all. Sometimes, though, it’s far more frightening to not show the monster. What people can conjure up in their imaginations is almost always going to be way more terrifying than anything you can put to the screen.

Take, for instance, this weeks short film, Francis. While it is the stuff of urban legends, the horror element has always run strongly through those, and here, the creators do an excellent job of giving us a nightmarish story, without having to resort to cheap jump scares.

Directed by Richard Hickey, and written by Dave Eggers, Francis actually has a neat story behind it. It begins with famed radio show ‘This American Life’. Broadcaster Ira Glass asked 6 American writers to create a short story about Adventure. One of these stories written by novelist & screenwriter Dave Eggers, it was read on the show to much acclaim and praise., Richard worked with producer Kevin Batten & a team to turn the words into this short. He worked on the film tirelessly & had 40 people work on all elements of the animation. The film has since been shown at Cannes Film Festival and Raindance.

And now it’s wandered it’s way onto my little blog. Ain’t life funny?


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