Gary Johnson: Possibly Just What America Needs

I don’t usually dwell on politics, especially here in the United States, where I live. The whole thing just has this general reek of being fake as hell. Especially when it comes to Presidential elections.

Don’t get me wrong. I vote. I just often feel as if I’m voting for the lesser of two evils. Occasionally, I even feel as if my vote doesn’t matter, because the big two of political parties has already gotten together to decide who will win.

Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, either. It just sometimes feels that way, when one party puts forward a charismatic, intelligent candidate, and the other party goes with a sock puppet.

Take our last Presidential election as an example. Obama vs Romney. One the one hand, we have an intelligent, articulate, charismatic, and proven leader. On the other, we have Romney, who smiles like a Muppet that has a drunken puppeteer. Everything about the guy reeked of fake. Hell, most of the time, he looked like someone who would rather be doing anything else.

It’s especially strange considering the Republican Party had John Huntsman in the running, and promptly ran him out. I know hard core liberals that would have voted for that guy. Possibly even over Obama!

To be clear, I’m not one of those stir fried Obama bashers, no more than I’m a punch drunk supporter. He’s been a good enough President. He’s not the greatest we’ve ever had or anything, but he did more good than harm, which is about all we can ask for.

Which is the whole point of this really. That whole idea that all we can ask for is that they don’t screw things up worse than they already are has become so entrenched in our political thinking, that we don’t really expect anything else.

Now, however, things have reached a point where it’s become almost a parody of a Presidential election. One the one hand, we have Trump, who is nothing but a living meme generator only capable of spewing forth the most insulting ones. On the other hand, we apparently have Clinton, who is being pushed forward by a party hell bent on making history a second time, never mind if she’s actually a good candidate.

Thus, we have our current problem with American politics. One party that just wants to make history, and another that doesn’t have a fucking clue what it wants, so has gone with the loudest voice in the room.

If ever there was a time to seriously consider a third option, it’s now. Fortunately, we have one, in Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.

To be perfectly clear, I’m not a Libertarian. I’m not really anything. Just a guy with a blog, an opinion, and a deep seated concern about the state of my country’s political system. I don’t even agree with everything Mr. Johnson says. But I do agree with enough of it, that I think he might actually be the most reasonable candidate in what has become a three ring circus of insanity.

So, what made me think this? Well, for the most part, it was getting to listen to the guy talk, and how honestly he responds to comic Samantha Bee. Check it out below, and then ask yourself, who do we really want running this country? The loud mouth with a habit of being as vile as humanly possible, the rather morally questionable and entirely too secretive “history maker”, or the guy who admits his own party is sometimes batshit insane?


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