Striking The Right Note: Watamote

This week, I wanted to share another great opening credit sequence, and pretty much from the start, I knew what it was going to be. I’ve got a list in my head of my favorite anime openings, and while I’m not sharing them in real order, I always knew this one would be on it.

While the opening is metal as all hell, the show itself is… odd. Incredibly watchable, but very odd, as it follows a socially challenged teen girl as she tries her best to become popular. She doesn’t, and is pretty much terrible at even trying, mostly because her various personality quirks keep getting in the way.

Yet, the finale episode brings a moment of great clarity, one that is perfectly set up by the opening credits. Actually, the entire show is encapsulated into it with a deft hand that, when you look back at it after the finale episode, is pretty impressive.

For a lot of reasons, I recommend this short, one season series, but the biggest is always going to be this flawless opening sequence.


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