Kittens! Bunnies! Stories! AHH!

Last week, I mentioned on Facebook that kittens and baby bunnies were among the most adorable things ever. A friend of mine over there promptly shared this video with me, proving it to be true.


If that isn’t enough cuteness for you, then I’ve got more. Including proof that rabbits are actually bigger dicks than cats.


As a further example that rabbits are bigger dicks, let me share a little story from my time as a rabbit owner. Which was many years ago now, but they still hold a special place in my heart as some of the best, more loving pets a person can be blessed with.

In the way back when of the 90’s, I actually inherited a charcoal flop eared bunny as a pet. Best pet ever, by the way. So loving. My dog at the time, a little whippet/terrier mix, adored the bunny, and the two would run around the back yard until they both collapsed. They always curled up together when they did, and really, they were the best of friends.

My cat at the time, a huge, fat, orange tom, liked neither of them. Of course, he didn’t like anyone, so that wasn’t much of a surprise. I recall him once watching a neighborhood puppy running around, and just for fun, jumped from atop a fence post onto the dog. Never seen a puppy run so fast. Basically, this cat was a dick.

Now, whenever the bunny was allowed out of his cage to run with the dog, the cat would get it in his head to stalk the rabbit. He was pretty good at it, really, but the bunny, well, he was nobodies fool. He’d sit still, eating a dandelion or whatever, until the cat actually pounced, and ZIP, gone in a flash, leaving the cat with thin air.

This would go on for a couple of hours, until the cat got pissed about being made to look a fool, and would stalk away, planning on jumping the fence and leaving the back yard they all played in. Every time things got to this point, little bunny would prove who was the bigger dick, by running up to the cat, and rubbing on him all friendly like.

Naturally, the cat would not take this insult on top of injury to his pride well, and tried to slap the bunny, but again, ZIP, gone. Cat was even more pissed, and hurried out of the yard.

I’d let the rabbit out about every two to three days to play with dog, and this whole scene played over every single time. It was enough to make me wonder if this was just cat and rabbits odd way of showing affection. I’ll never know for sure, but I’ll never forget it, either.

One day, when I’m a semi famous novelist, I’m gonna have a pet rabbit again. They really do bring just an infinite amount of joy.


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