More News From The Homefront

Okay, so, I meant to be making more regular updates about the condition of my girlfriend, Storm, who as you guys will recall, is in the hospital. Then I got sick, and spent half a week trying to empty my stomach from both ends.

Which is kind of a hard thing to work around, as it turns out.

Anyway, after my last update, the doctors went back to her only having a year or two to live, then ten, then five, then maybe twenty again, then they finally admitted they had no idea. It was very stressful. Mostly because every other day, everything about her condition and future kept changing.

Until about a week and a half ago, when the hospital decided to send her to another hospital that has a ward for long term care. The abscess on her liver, and resulting staph infection, required more care than the hospital felt was worth giving, or something. Or they thought the other hospital was better suited to caring for her. Again, there was a lot that wasn’t made clear.

So, since I was sick when she got moved, I didn’t get to go see her until several days later. When I did make the drive to visit, I found her sitting up and eating solid food, having conversations with the nursing staff, and doing wildly better.

Allow me to expound on the wildly better part. While she was at the first hospital, she kept having a lot of problems with nausea, which made it hard for her to eat. That, and the food they were giving her was all pureed, which she hates. A big part of the problem turned out to be due to the first hospital scheduling all their poking and prodding around the same time as she got her meals.

So, every time she tried to eat, she got jabbed with a needle. New hospital staff sees her eating, they come back later. Nausea went away almost overnight. So, now eating solid food properly, she is recovering much quicker.

Which was just the first piece of good news. The second piece came with a visit from the new hospitals radio endocrinologist. (Or rather, I think that’s what she said she was. I was still getting over being sick, after all.) Point being, this lady is an actual cancer doctor. She took one look at Storm’s skin cancer, said she’d seen worse, and started putting together a treatment plan that would give Storm another thirty years or more, with ease.

Basically, an actual doctor who specializes in treating this exact kind of cancer has now told us Storm is going to be fine. Until that exact doctor tells me otherwise, I’m just gonna go with that, cause I’m emotionally rung out from three weeks of back and forth at the first hospital. Which, as it turns out, doesn’t really deal with cancer patients that much. That’s more the new hospital’s thing, and since they are only a few blocks apart, I’m guessing there’s things the first hospital deals with the second one doesn’t as well.

Which is all terribly confusing to me. This entire thing has been, really.

So, in the end, we are looking at my girlfriend being with us for a lot more years, and probably coming home in the next week or two. The R.E. doc wants to do her cancer treatment on an outpatient basis, which kinda tells ya how bad she thinks this whole thing is. Apparently, there’s some new drugs that will do most of the work, and a bit of radiation treatment will be used just to save as much muscle tissue and mass as possible, so when the reconstructive surgeon does their thing, they won’t have to do as much.

For her part, Storm seems pretty happy about all this, and is working hard to get back on her feet, so she can come home and get started on getting back to our life.

Can’t ask for better news than that, right now.

So, that’s where we are on that, and to top it off, I’ve got more good news about the future of War Witch, and my career as a writer in general, but that’s gonna have to wait until a little later in the week, as we get all the last details and pieces in place.

Thank you to everyone who has kept Storm and I in their thoughts and prayers. It means the world to us both, and we genuinely believe it has made all the difference.


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