Wednesday Shorts: Kara

It’s no secret I love Star Wars. My glowing review of The Force Awakens pretty much made that clear. It’s one of the great loves of my geeky life.

I’ve also made it clear that I’m too attached to the Extended Universe, which puts me in sparse company when it comes to Star Wars. While I love the films, it’s always been the films themselves that I love. Tie in fiction just never got to me the way the films themselves did.

Which makes it odd how affecting this weeks short film is. There’s just something about it that feels personal. Something that touches my heart in a way the Extended Universe never managed to.

Packed with cinema level special effects, this story of a young Jedi, and her struggle to resist the lure of the dark side, encapsulates in seven minutes exactly what always made Star Wars work so well for me.

It’s the people. It’s always about the people.


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