More Bad News

It’s difficult for me to write what I have to here. Yet, I find I must write it.

Last week, my girlfriend of 21 years, fellow writer, best friend, and the literal better half of my soul, Patricia Chambers, known to most by her writing name of Storm DeVille, had to be taken by helicopter to the St. John’s Hospital in Tulsa, some 75 miles from where we live. Upon arriving there, I learned that her blood sugar had hit 900, and she was going into a diabetic coma.

From Monday, May 2nd, until Saturday, May 7th, she has on a respirator, as the hospital staff tried to get her diabetic condition under control. Things went very well on that front, and by the following Sunday, she was awake and starting to talk. By Monday, she was having conversations.

That’s when the bad news began to roll in. The doctors had found cancer. They were hopeful that it could be treated, at least at first. They did, and still do, want to transfer her to the best cancer care specialists in the state, in Oklahoma City. However, with the discovery of a mass in her liver, that hope has begun to dwindle.

The doctors are officially telling me I should prepare for the worst, and that she may only have a few months to a year left to live. They are going to do all that is humanly possible, of course, but things do not look promising.

Since the day we first met, nobody believed in me more than she did. After 21 years, I have to now believe, against all hope, that she can beat this. That she can come through the other side, and be well, and that we’ll have another 21 years or more together. I have to believe this if I am to even cope with what is happening right now.

To all my friends, family, and loved ones, we are not giving up. Not until the bitter end, or until she is home, safe and whole again. So many of you know us, and know that’s just how we deal with everything. We fight, and we never stop fighting.

To my readers, who only know me through this site, my deepest apologies, but I can not promise that I will be able to keep up with things here for the foreseeable future. I’ve no doubt you all understand this, and I thank you for all the support you’ve shown me.

For now, all I ask is to keep her in your thoughts, and if you are someone of faith, then pray for her.

Thank you all,

Cain S. Latrani ( AKA Patrick Holt)

Muggins Retouch


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