Changes, Both Good And Ill

Okay, so I’m just gonna rip the band-aid off here. My publisher, Booktrope, has announced that they are ceasing operations on May 31st, which means my novel, War Witch: Rise, will no longer be available after that.

Obviously, I’m dealing with a lot right now, which is why the episode 3 recap of Koutetsujou no Kabaneri isn’t up yet. I’ve been so tied up with emails to the various people who helped me get it done, finding out what I may yet owe them, and figuring out what to do next, I’ve not had time to work on it.

Hopefully, I’ll have it up by Monday, and return to a regular blogging schedule over the next week.

For now, well, if you were thinking of picking up my novel, you’ve got until the end of next month. After that, I can’t say for certain if it will return to Kindle or not, much less be reublished anywhere, or even self published. Everything is kind of up in the air.

For those who have picked it up, thank you so much for your support. I’m looking for ways to get War Witch back out there, and am still working on the next book in the series, with hopes of continuing the story once things get sorted.

My apologies for the delay with Koutetsujou, as well. I appreciate those of you who frequent here for the anime recaps, and hope you understand the delay. Everything will get sorted shortly, and I’ll be back on track, no pun intended.

I’ve been busy doing this a lot, actually.

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