Music Magic: Brace Yourself

Music is integral to my writing process, in case the ten weeks worth of songs I shared previously regarding my first novel didn’t make that clear. This week is a little different, though. This week is just a taste of how my next novel is going to be different.

On Monday, when I was talking about Koutetsujou, I mentioned that it was going to be a zombie novel. Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s got way more going on than just zombies.

As always, when crafting a character, I find one piece of music that just screams their name, and this time around was no different. The main character of my upcoming novel needed something a little more hardcore, though. Something a bit more unique.

I’ll just leave this here, and let you wonder about it all.

You are wondering about it, aren’t you?

What do you mean, you aren’t? That kinda hurts my feelings.

Yes, that is emotional blackmail. I’m a new novelist trying to make a name for myself. Emotional blackmail is all I’ve got!


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