Tome Tenders & The War Witch: Rise Giveaway!

For the last couple months, I’ve talked to you guys a lot about my first novel with publisher Booktrope, War Witch; Rise. You may have even seen Taliesin Jaffe mention it during Critmas over on Critical Role weeks ago, and not I’m not clinging to that as my only brush with fame, how dare you suggest that!


If you’ve been curious about War Witch, but haven’t given it a read yet, now’s your chance to get a free ebook copy thanks to the wonderful folks over at Tome Tenders. Click the link to check out their 4.5 star review of my novel, or hit the banner below, created by the wonderful Dianne Bylo, to enter the giveaway.

My eternal thanks to Tome Tenders, not just for the wonderful review, but sponsoring this giveaway. Go visit them and see what other awesome books they have reviewed.

rise banner 2

Personally, I’d enter to win this book myself, if I could. It really is that awesome. So, look at it this way. You aren’t just entering for yourself, but for me, too.

Did that work? No? Made me sound narcissistic?



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