Critical Role: Victor… Victorious!

Last week, I shared a video of Matt Mercer role playing one of my favorite D&D NPC’s ever. If you thought that was the only time the rather strange black powder merchant Victor ever showed up, well, you’d be wrong. Behold, the victorious return of Victor!

There’s a reason Matthew Mercer is called the world’s greatest Dungeon Master.


Why, yes, that was Will Friedel of Boy Meets World and Batman Beyond down on the bottom there. Amazing all the folks who show up to play D&D, ain’t it? Above him was the lovely Mary McGlynn, which my anime loving readers will know from Ghost In The Shell as the Major.

Now, there’s another reason I get such a kick out of Victor, enough so I’ve shared both his appearances. He reminds me of a character of my own, which appeared in my novel War Witch: Rise. Naturally, I’m talking about Rayne Oneric.

Judge the similarity for yourself, with this actual excerpt from War Witch: Rise.

“Rayne?” she called out. “It’s Chara. Are you there?”

There was a long moment of silence. “Where else would I be? I live upstairs, you know.”

Shaking her head, Chara gave the darkness a tired smile. “Think you could turn some lights on?”

“Oh, dragon winkies!” Rayne fussed. “Yeah! Hang on a second! Be right there! Don’t move! I’m coming! I think!”

The young woman rested her hands on her hips, waiting patiently as she heard clattering from the back, mild cursing, the sound of something heavy falling, a shrill scream, what sounded like cats fighting, another crash, more cursing, a cow, something in Elven, and finally, lights.

Rayne stood at the back of her shop, panting, in a leather vest and pants, both a rich blue under the dust and grime that covered them, her goggles askew on her head. One of her ponytails had come loose, the other fine, making Chara wonder how the Spellweaver managed to even take care of herself enough to not be dead.

“Hi,” Rayne beamed. “Welcome to Rayne’s Shop Of Sorcery! I’m Rayne! What can I do for you?”

Chara gave her a withering glare. “I’m Chara. I’m here for my weapons.”

Rayne stared at her for a long time, pulled her goggles down, stared at her for a long time again, and then pushed them back up. “Sorry. No idea what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, I sort of figured you’d say something like that,” the young woman sighed. “I guess Esteban was right. You aren’t to be trusted. I’ll just go fetch the authorities, and tell the sorcerers in Kormack’s Tower that you’re here.”

Rayne gaped. “Hold on! I was just kidding! I totally know who you are, of course I do, don’t be silly, it’s not like I could forget a pretty face like yours, now is it, though I do seem to recall you had a big Cat with you last time, not that it matters, you seem a smart, talented and capable young woman who really wants her toys back, so I’ll just go get them for you, in a minute, cause something seems different, and did you cut your hair?”

“Rayne, focus,” Chara chided.

“Focus!” she declared pointing at the ceiling for some reason. “Uh, wait, what am I focusing on?”

“Me?” Chara suggested.

Rayne was against her in a heartbeat. “That I could do all night.”

Chara calmly reached up and snapped her goggles. “As a customer.”

The Half Elf fell to her knees, rubbing her face. “Right. Naturally. Sorry. I get carried away sometimes. Costumer, that’s what you are, can I interest you in a clock?”

That I am mentally on the same page as Mr. Mercer fills me with unimaginable joy.


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