Cover Showcase: Alien Like Me

Today, I’ve got something special to share with you guys out there in Internetland.

Every now and then, a fellow author will ask me to help show off the cover for their next novel, which I’m always excited to do. Enough so, I’m making that its own category. The new and shiny Cover Showcase!

To kick off this new irregular feature, my good friend Sherilyn Putnam has given me the honor of being among the first people to share the cover of her new book, Alien Like Me, a Sci Fi story that happens to be family friendly.

Unlike most things that show up on this blog. A little change of pace is good for the soul, ya know.

Without further ado, check it out.


Snazzy, no?

That’s not all we get, either. How about a little blurbage? Everybody likes blurbage. Except us authors.

With the Earth still recovering from an alien invasion, one boy goes about life the only way he knows how. Survival. It’s working well until he realizes that the aliens have seemingly singled him out. Now he is left with the decision of staying the path he has picked for himself, or venturing into the unknown. Once he makes the decision, his life will change dramatically. But is it for better or worse?

Now, to be fully honest, I got to have a bit of a sneak peek at this one, and trust me, it’s good. Like, really good. There’s some seriously cool plot twists, plenty of adventure, and a bunny. You guys know I love bunnies.

One day, I should probably figure out what’s behind my rabbit fixation.

You can check out more from Sherilyn at her official Facebook page and over at the Twitters, where you can learn more about her, her writing, and this cool book, which will hit the shelves on April 30th. Go clickity now.

Seriously, go clickity. I’ve run out of stuff to say.


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