Wednesday Shorts: Worlds Apart

This weeks short film got to me in a big way. Not for the environmental message it contains, but because I’m a writer. As a creative person, there’s a part of me that has never quite given up that child like imagination.

Part of still having that is the ability to look at others and see something of myself in them. It’s why you see frequently see writers being advocates for inclusion, tolerance, and acceptance. We live a thousand lives, always trying to understand the world through eyes other than our own. It’s a natural part of being a writer, and being a creative person in general.

Watching this reminded me why that’s so incredibly important, especially right now, living in the United States, where intolerance and fear have all but completely taken over our political system, and our every day conversation. We separate ourselves along imaginary lines, forgetting that we are all more alike than we are different.

We are not different, though. There is no “other”. We are all so much more alike than think.

We are not worlds apart.


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