Wednesday Shorts: Dirty Laundry

This weeks short film is one most folks have already seen. Or at least, I assume they have. There are two reasons I share it today, though.

The first is simply because it’s awesome. I am a huge fan of Tom Jane’s Punisher, to the point I think he played the definitive version of the character. Nothing against Jon Berenthol, who will take up the character in the next season of Daredevil, as he’s a fine actor and I’ve not seen his portrayal yet, so there’s always that chance he’ll sway me. For now, however, Jane remains the ultimate live version of the Punisher, for me.

The second reason is Ron Pearlman. Seriously, his presence alone is enough to warrant sharing this.

Of course, it’s also a incredibly well made short film that did the hard side of Marvel long before Daredevil came along. So, all that said, if you love Marvel, Punisher, or just really done short films, then you should enjoy this.


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