Rise Of War Witch’s Review!

Matt Catania, author of the recently featured The Dolorous Adventures of Brother Banenose, returned the favor and reviewed my novel, War Witch: Rise. Go check it out!

Matt The Catania

Thanks to everyone who still came back after last week’s existential cry for help. (Bonus thanks to Venusian breaker of things, Dominique Tipper!) This week, we have the elusive blog post on a single subject (minus this introduction). I’ve been told focused articles with some underlying narrative are more intriguing to readers, but who knows? So I apologize if you came here for a smorgasbord of apophenia. More fractured writing should resume shortly, so bookmark this blog in case it becomes relevant to your interests. We’ll be doing more Deadpoolsoon, & Toy Fair is bound to incite me to rambling. Oh, I’ll eventually throw  in something related to my rookie author career. There will definitely be another podcast interview by month’s end. Maybe I’ll finally get around to writing those long promised behind-the-scenes character profiles for the inhabitants of The Dolorous Adventure Of Brother Banenose? Nah, I’ll…

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