One Punch Man Recap: OVA 2 “The Shadow The Snuck Up Too Close”

Before we start, I have a confession to make. Last week, in my recap of the series premier of The Shannara Chronicles, I said I had two OPM recaps to write. Well, it turns out that I wasn’t paying as much attention as I could have, because one of those recaps I was going to write was for the first OVA, “Road To The Hero”, which I’ve already covered.

Good thing I never tried to pretend I was infallible, isn’t it?

So, my apologies. There’s only one recap forthcoming. AS a second confession, I’m aware this is actually listed as a special, not an OVA, but since it covers things that happen outside the actual 12 episode series, it’s getting called an OVA by me. Sorry for any confusion, and I really just hope there doesn’t end up being a bunch of OVA’s and specials.

Again, glad I never tried to pass myself off as infallible, much less a professional.

Now, as to the OVA itself, I’ve spent a good week going back and forth on whether or not to recap it, since it doesn’t really offer much of anything new or interesting to the story. It’s cute, and funny, but there isn’t a lot of insight into the characters to be gained from it. Ultimately, in the interest of being a completionist, I decided to go ahead and cover it.

Pretty sure there isn’t an achievement for that, but what the hell.

The entire OVA takes place between the defeat of Mosquito Girl, and Genos knocking on Saitama’s door a week later. It sheds a little light on Genos, but doesn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know. He’s a giant cyborg puppydog and really, seriously, for reals wants to know the secret behind Saitama’s powers.

Unlike the first OVA, this one doesn’t offer us anything interesting in that regard. I’d say that this is a waste of an OVA, but since I really enjoy spending time with these characters, it isn’t. Which brings me to my last point before diving into the OVA itself. This is really just for the fans, a little something extra that lets us spend another 30 minutes with the characters, or 12 in this case. It doesn’t serve much purpose beyond that, and that’s okay. Sometimes, it really is nice to just hand out with characters we love, for no reason at all.

It’s also a good thing I’ve never given into the hipster mindset, I suppose. Otherwise, I’d have nothing to do but piss and moan about how this OVA ruins everything.

The OVA starts with Saitama watching a movie. I’m not sure what the hell it’s about, but apparently a guy is having trouble with his girlfriend while tracking an alien that may have either eaten, become, or always was, his girlfriend. Regardless, it gets him thinking that having a stalker is a pretty messed up thing to have happen, which leads him to feeling like he’s been being watched lately himself.

HE can’t help but think about all the bad guys he’s beaten in the past, and how any one of the could hold a grudge, which even he admits, wouldn’t be that big a deal. His concern is if that grudge turned into a warped kind of love, which can only mean Saitama has read Fifty Shades of Gray, and has goo reason to be worried.

As he ponders this, he senses someone behind him, and turns, but his apartment is empty. It’s also messy. Too bad he doesn’t have a cyborg sidekick to clean the toilet, isn’t it?

This never gets old.

Across the way, hiding in a tent with a hole in the side for a camera, is the future World’s Best Janitor, who is yes, stalking Saitama. Really, Genos? Don’t you think this is a bit much? Or does not having an undercarriage on your chassis make it okay in your mind?

The ethical questions of his actions aside, he’s been at this for three days, but has yet to discern the secret of Saitama’s powers. He can only assume that Saitama is being super careful so no one learns that secret and repeats it. Do to him having a bit of a warped kind of love for Saitama, he never assumes that Saitama is just a dork and doesn’t really know the secret himself.

The fact is, with what we’ve seen of this world, and the way people often monologue their back story, it is kind of odd that Saitama has no idea how he came to have such insane abilities. So, really, it isn’t that weird that Genos wouldn’t make the assumption Saitama doesn’t know himself. It’s just that, after stalking him for three days, during which I assume he made a Saitama mask out of one of the pictures he’s taken, you’d think he’d have figured it out. Generally speaking, Genos is fairly bright, after all.

Okay, very generally.

The next day while Saitama is out for a walk, Genos stalks him in the least subtle fashion possible, making me revise again to extremely generally. When Saitama almost catches him, Genos takes this as proof that Saitama is on his guard, instead of that he is the worlds worst private investigator. Operating under his self inflicted delusion, he realizes he needs to hurry, as sooner or later, Saitama is going to catch on to him.

ova 02-01
“My Saitama Senses are tingling.”

You guys know I love Saitama, but he has the awareness of an excitable kitten. The only reason he is catching on is because Genos has the stealth of a puppy hopped up on sugar.

Genos trails Saitama is a family restaurant, then proceeds to make a leap in logic that would make Evel Knieval call it reckless. This assuption is, of course, that Saitama’s power must lie in some kind of super secret special diet. That he gets from a family restaurant. Can you imagine it? There’d be Saitama’s everywhere. Since he can’t imagine it, Genos hurries to make some notes and goes to see what sort of super special secret diet Saitama is on.

Proving he can’t catch a hint when it hits him in the face with the force of airplane, Genos watches as Saitama deliberates over the menu, and finally orders a side of fries, because he’s broke. The very friendly waitress seems to have trouble grasping that as well, but eventually does, and before Genos, at that. So, he sits, staring at Saitama with all the tact of a bull moose in heat.

ova 02-02
Future Foldger’s commercial.

When he gets his fries, Saitama is saddened to see that they are small ones, with a single exception. If nothing else, this OVA does tell us how Saitama likes his fries. Long and soft. While I avoid the obvious joke, Saitama goes to the bathroom, and Genos spots his chance, stealing Saitama’s long and soft fry. While I continue trying to ignore the obvious joke here, Saitama returns, and is less than happy to see that one gone, so much so, he all but accosts the waitress.

Realizing he’s acting like an ass, Saitama lays off, and eats his fries. Outside, Genos has actually bagged the fry and dons latex gloves, like this is an episode of CSI, so he can analyze the french fry in the hopes of discerning the awesome secret hiding within. After a minute, he realizes it’s probably just a french fry, but remains baffled as to why Saitama would make a special trip to a restaurant just to eat a fries, and send sit off to have it analyzed anyway.

Later, Saitama is out walking around, fuming over his stolen fry. Like, seriously just pissed as hell because someone stole his long soft one. As I avoid, yet again, the obvious joke here, he realizes he may actually have a stalker, and starts getting seriously paranoid.

ova 02-03
Stealth mode… ACTIVATED!

Back outside his apartment, he decides to lay a trap for his stalker, which is just him crouching behind a newspaper rack, obsessing over his stalker turned french fry thief, Genos watches from a distance, perplexed as to what Saitama is doing, and wondering if has anything to do with the secret of his powers. Then I sit here laughing and faceplaming for a good few minutes with the episode on pause. Once that’s over with, Genos gets a call that the analysis on the french fry is complete, and rushes off to see the results.

Since Genos is elsewhere learning the darkest secrets of a french fry, Saitama’s stalker doesn’t show up, and he goes to do something else. He’s interrupted in whatever that was by people running and screaming, leading him… well… this guy.

ova 02-04
Ander just thought he was the pretty one.

I have no idea what to say about this dude. Apparently, OPM has decided to make me ask a lot of questions about Saitama’s sexuality, though.

That aside, this dude is going around squirting his hot, white moisturizer on peoples faces, and dammit! Stop it, OPM! Once he does, their skin dries out, and I’m back to just laughing and faceplaming at the sheer absurdity of this.

Saitama gives the guy a quick look before warning him that it’s been a bad day. The dude, who I’m not even going to name on the grounds he’s too out there even for me, is excited to see Saitama, though. Seems Saitama one punched him a while back, prompting dumbass to go full bore crazy, training harder than ever, so he can become strong enough to beat Saitama. This training mostly consisted of moisturizing his skin, apparently.

Cassandra? Is that you?

Moisturizer me!

So, as you can guess, Saitama has no idea who this joker is, but quickly leaps to the conclusion that it must have been him who stole the french fry, all as part of his elaborate plot to get back at Saitama. This is wildly off base, of course, but with the way the dumbass keeps going on, it’s little wonder Saitama would make the conclusion that this dipshit is responsible for stealing his long soft one.

He gets one punched, by the way, in case you hadn’t guessed.

Back at the lab, Genos gives us the chemical breakdown of a french fry, before realizing what should have been obvious from the start.

ova 02-05
Good thing we cleared up that mystery, Scooby.

This, naturally, leads him to ponder if Saitama is a cyborg. Not sure about that, Genos accepts that there is only one thing left to do.

Elsewhere, Saitama proves himself to be a true hero of the people.

ova 02-06
Truly the hero we all deserve.

With that asshat out of the way, Saitama goes on to ponder about this turn of events. He realizes that as he continues being a hero, he will make enemies, people that will come after him. While he can’t do anything about that, he can hope that there will be other people who see what he does, and appreciate him for his efforts. Not fans, exactly, just people who see him, acknowledge his efforts, and thanks him for them. It’s really very little to ask for in this world, to be acknowledged. In many ways, this is what has always made Saitama such a fascinating character. That behind it all is just someone who wants to be noticed, and now and then, thanked.

This all leads up back around to the moment Genos knocked on his door, and Saitama was surprised that he showed up.

It’s odd in a way, that though Saitama doesn’t know it, his actual stalker is the very thing he was wishing for. Someone who had seen, and acknowledged him.

Then we get this.

If this little add on to the series offered anything, it was to say that sometimes we get what we want, just not in the way we expect. While Saitama has often bemoaned the fact that Genos is hanging around bugging him, the reality is that Genos was his first real fan. Beyond that, however, Genos was the first person to acknowledge his efforts, and more importantly, was his first real friend.

Not too bad for a guy that stole his long soft one, ‘eh?

Yup. Still funny.

2 thoughts on “One Punch Man Recap: OVA 2 “The Shadow The Snuck Up Too Close”

  1. I feel sad for Saitama when he can’t even afford a basic meal.

    Interesting trivia I found in the opm databook: Saitama had been unemployed so long that he doesn’t know when to spend money. He had never touched the rent money that Genos gave him. It just got put away and left it at that. While Saitama does care about money a lot, he can’t change his thrifty mindset after for so many years.



    1. I can get that, actually. I’ve spent so many years being tight fisted that I find myself debating over dropping five bucks on something now. It’s another one of those aspects of Saitama that is actually believable, and totally relatable.


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