Wednesday Shorts: Sumer

This weeks short is no stranger to attention, having already been nominated for fifty awards, and winning 14 of those. If you haven’t heard of it, or seen it, then now is your chance.

Sumer was released back in March of 2015, and caught all that attention for a reason. Written and directed by Alvaro Garcia, the film is set in a post apocalyptic Earth, after two massive meteor strikes, combined with the massive ecological damage done by humanity, has left the world a barren husk.

Many years later, humanity survives, but only barely, living in cities designed to protect them, not just from the weakened atmosphere, but the now toxic wastelands. The story itself revolves around a young boy who one day sees something impossible, setting him on a journey to seek, and find, the one thing left in this world that shouldn’t exist.


Check it out.

You can find Alvaro Garcia on Twitter, and check out more info about Sumer at its website and Facebook page.

One of the main reasons I share these short films is to help bring attention to artists who are doing new, innovative, and imaginative things, so please, go show them some love. It is deserved.


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