The Beauty of Short Films: The Ocean Maker

This weeks short film is an older one that a fair number of people have already seen. Main reason I share it is for those who haven’t, because if you actually haven’t, trust me, you should.

Like Exode, The Ocean Maker is a stunningly animated film that doesn’t need a single word of dialogue to convey everything it wants. Clocking in at ten minutes in length, it is a truly stunning story of bravery, selflessness, and commit to a goal.


After you check it out, take a minute to hop over to their website where you can learn more about the making of the film, or pick it up on dvd, which comes with some nifty bonus features.

Best of all, when you do buy the movie, thank to the makers partnering with the Canopy Project, they’ll help plant a tree. So really, this movie is kind of helping save the world.

That’s pretty awesome, when you think about it.


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