The Beauty of Short Films: Singularity

Last week, I shared a very cool short film titled Exode, and it got a pretty positive response here on this little blog. The folks who made it even gave me a retweet on Twitter. This is not something I’m ever going to complain about.

It did start me thinking that there might be room here to share more short films, though, and that doing something like that might be the kind of thing I’d enjoy. What this being my blog and all, sharing things I enjoy is sort of what I’d like to be doing.

I mean, seriously, I can only talk about that book I’ve got coming out so much. After a bit, even I feel I like I’m trying to push it on myself.

So, highlighting short films is going to become a thing I do here. Hopefully weekly. We’ll see. I mean, I still have to do that Willy Wonka vs Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Faceoff post I’ve been meaning to get to for months, and another rewatch of a favorite anime to find time to start. Point is, I’m not overly reliable.

Not saying I don’t try to be, because I do. I just fail at it frequently.

That aside, I did happen across another short film that I really enjoyed a lot. Clocking in at just under nine minutes, Singularity is a sci-fi piece about a daring rescue of the American President from the war zone Washington D.C. has become after androids revolt. It’s tense, fast paced, and has a nice little surprise at the end.

It’s also an excellent example of how these big budget blockbusters Hollywood churns out can be done better. The team behind Singularity manages in under nine minutes what most big films fail to do with ninety or more. Be interesting.

Why yes, I was giving Fantastic Four the stink eye. How could you tell?

Here it is. Singularity. Enjoy.


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