Guest Star: Brutus – Our Feral Cat

As someone who has had the good fortune to share his life with more than one feral cat, this story was particularly touching.


Hi everyone,

Today’s story comes from Beth and her cat companion Brutus!

My story begins with dogs, not cats.

Some years ago my husband and I decided to buy a property in France. After months of planning we packed up the car, and set off from England with our two fat dogs, on what turned out to be the journey of our lifetime. We survived near-death incidents, fought off attacking dogs, argued with so-called estate agents and were entertained by crazy aristocrats. Yet despite all this, we finally found an amazing old hunting estate. It was hidden in the depths of the country, surrounded by woods and fields and for us it was love at first sight. What we hadn’t realised was that it was falling to pieces, and so we spent the next two years doing it up. But that’s another tale.

It was one evening during the renovation…

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