Mews & Discount: Happy International Cat Day


Cat Lovers Everywhere Celebrate on the upcoming Caturday!


From striped tabbies to purrfect Persians, cats come in a variety of loveable shapes, sizes and temperaments. Whether they’re pretending to play the keyboard or launching themselves into small boxes, our obsession with all things feline knows no bounds! So what better time to honour them than on International Cat Day, 8th August.

To help celebrate, has pulled together a variety of amazing product ideas to show your furry friend how much you care. And what’s even better if you use VOU379997277 during checkout by the 16th of August you’ll get 15% of your order! 😀



Purritos are a thing, and they’re the cutest you’ve ever seen. We all love a good burrito but our new found love is for kittens wrapped up in blankets. Teeny, tiny purritos.

So if your cat or kitten loves to be wrapped up, the

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