The Ga Rei Zero Rewatch Announced

I’m a huge anime fan. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you. My Facebook page is full of anime reposts, I suggest anime to people all the time, and in the case of my friends, I’ve gotten more than one of them into anime. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, and something I love to share with others, especially those who’ve never experienced it.

It’s not just about the animation style, either. It’s the story telling. My favorite animes are the ones that really capture you, engross the viewer, and make you think about it long after you’ve finished watching it. The ones that prove that not only animation, but television writing, can be grand, powerful, emotional, nuanced, and relatable.

As a frequent visitor to various nerd sites where anime gets discussed without having to explain to people that it’s like Disney, only hardcore, I see a lot of lists of best anime. Places like and The Mary Sue often cover classics and new shows, and have active comment communities eager to talk about the ones they love, or hate.

Some of my favorite shows, however, almost never make it into the final cut on these lists and discussions. It isn’t that they are bad shows, it’s just that anime is a huge field, with a ton of stuff, and narrowing down any list means even really great shows are going to get left out. Which is fine, as I’ve encountered any number of new favorites from reading those lists, and people talking about the ones they like best.

Recently, Sheri Williams, the project manager of my upcoming novel, War Witch:Rise, suggested I do a rewatch of a show I liked, for my blog, to get active blogging. I spent a lot of time thinking about that, and finally decided to do an anime rewatch, and settled on one of my all time favorites, the 13 episode Ga-Rei Zero.

I’ve never seen this one on any lists, and that I can tell, it’s not one a whole lot of folks have seen. It is one I use to introduce people new to anime to the style and structure it often employes, so it seemed a natural choice for doing this. That, and I just seriously, really, love the hell out of this show, and the amazing story it tells.

So, starting next Friday, I’ll review each episode, once a week. There will be a LOT to talk about with this show, as it packs a load of story into its thirteen thirty minute episodes. I admit to being pretty jazzed about it, too, as I’ve never done a rewatch, and it’ll be a fun, new experience for me.

I’ll see you back here next Friday, for a review of the first episode. Buckle up, cause this is one hell of a bumpy ride.


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